McHarp: Crosses with Meaning | Aberlemno Cross-Slab Quicksilver Gallery | Eureka Springs

McHarp: Crosses with Meaning | Aberlemno Cross-Slab

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Beautiful wall hanging cross gift

Aberlemno, Scotland

The superb design and execution of both sides of this 8th century cross-slab illustrates the highest level of artistic and technical skill of the Pictish craftsmen. The combining of Pictish symbolism with Christian speaks of the cultural change brought by the early Christian Church. The cross-slab is unique to the Picts of Scotland. The mandala-like center filled with spirals, represents all things revolving about God. The knotwork running the length of the cross is endless, symbolizing eternal life. Among all the interwoven heads and bodies of bests surrounding the cross shaft, the most delightful of the Pictish symbols is found on the lower right side – the dancing seahorses.

12” x 7” Handmade products – Images may vary slightly from actual products.
Made in United States